Hjardartun Open has been a yearly event for the past years. It is a tölt competition and a family fun, held by the current owners, Bjarni and Kristín. The competition includes young children inside and tölt children (10-13), teenagers (14-17), T7 for unexperienced and T3 for more experienced on the oval track. In the middle of the programme, the audience is amused with Smali, which is an inside race with hindrance. The day finishes with racing competition; either with 100m trot or 100m flying pace. The good day usually ends with a good barbecue and a party, where Hlynur trubador á Vodmulastöðum and the well-known judge Erlendur á Skiðbakka keep up the rythm. Hjörvar Agustsson and Hermann Arnason have been the competition hosts.